Spices are an essential part of their cooking. Used in combination, they help achieve a balance of the four essential Thai tastes: salty, sour, spicy, and sweet. Thai sweet basil, Galangalm , Centella asiatica Dried – Long pepper, Nutmeg nut, Sesames, Five-spice powder etc. Thai spices have a great demand in various countries. Whatnot corporation facilitates to fulfil the demand of the overseas customers who require Thai spices. We offer thai spices based on the individual’s demand. Write us your requirement, we will serve you the best.

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Canned Fruits & Vegetables


Agriculture in Thailand has been essential in shaping our scientific, social and economical history. Over the years, realising the significance of agriculture, Thais have increasingly embraced sustainable agriculture. Today, about a third of Thailand’s land use is devoted to agricultural activities such as rice, fruit and vegetable plantations. Whatnot Corporation has been dealing with Thailand’s leading processor, manufacturer and distributor of processed fruits and vegetables, We facilitate the export of best quality and certified fruits and vegetable to our customers. For any inquiry relating to the processed foods and vegetables, please get in touch as we will provide you the best serving with various options for you to choose.



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Coconut Water

Our Coconut water is from qualified, clean, luscious, and delicious coconuts. No contamination, saturated with real coconut taste from nature, and plenty of necessary nutrients are brought to you for your healthy life. 100% Coconut Water with no preservatives.

Potassium : balancing water amount in a body, maintaining body’s pH, reducing blood pressure.

Sodium : balancing water amount in a body, important for nerve and muscle system.

Magnesium : stimulating enzyme operation, supporting in signal transferring of nerve and muscle.

Iron : support in producing red blood cells.

Calcium : supporting in bones and teeth strength.

Phosphorus : supporting with calcium to procreate bones and teeth, effective vitamin B utilising.


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