Organic Cereals

We offer instant rice porridge or congee is in the form of water soluble rice flake which is unique from other brands of the same products where they are made of broken white rice (refined rice) or white rice powder. The rice flake is the best digestive form of whole grain rice. Therefore, our instant rice meal products provide wholesome goodness of rice in such a way that everyone can enjoy easily. Due to the fine quality of organic rice flake, these products can be used for babies over one year old as well as the aged and the sick.


The congee products may contain soy protein.
All instant rice meal products are gluten free.
These products are vegan or strict vegetarian recipes with artificial color, preservative substance, and Monosodium Glutamate free.


User groups:
All genders and ages above 1 year old.
This very digestive form of whole-grain rice is suitable for all with digestion problems.
The organic GABA rice powder can be used for tube feeding.
Modification with all kinds of meat, egg, vegetable, and seasonings to suite
tastes is great.

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